Our focus is on maximizing value and profits for our clients

Lucivia specializes in decision analytics in healthcare and life sciences. We help our clients maximize the ROI of their investments in market outreach. This includes determining the profit maximizing alignment and mix of products and/or services, promotional channels and customer segments.

Our lens includes a strategic analysis and synthesis with an unrelenting view on how to lead given the following:

  • Our client’s unique source of market power
  • The market and product life cycles
  • Changes in the standards of care, access and affordability
  • Dynamics driven by changes in regulatory and M&A activity

Our path is clear

We use advanced analytics to help our clients sharpen and hone their instincts and intuitions essential to making the decisions required to operate at peak performance.

Our approach is straightforward

  • Be passionate and committed to our clients’ success
  • Know the industry
     Be an active thought partner  Tap-into how industry and business leaders think  Develop an informed and experienced point of view with a means to test ideas
  • Lead with a deep understanding of statistical, market, economic and financial analytics to accomplish the team’s objectives
     Commit to building and executing industry leading approaches  Own both the need to go deep and narrow  Challenge the boundaries and status-quo if and when required
  • Empower everyone to do more
     Communicate with a more precise and agreed-upon corporate vernacular  Coordinate with a crisp synthesis that captures the essence required to operate cohesively in large and/or cross-functional setting  Operationalize an intuitive, more productive and rewarding analytical workflow  Embrace the latest in technology to enrich the team’s capacity for generating insights and making decisions

insights -> decisions -> performance

Origin and namesake: Lucivia, pronounced Lu.ci.vi.a is a compound word of Latin origin meaning:
luci – light, via – road or path.

Thought Leadership

For Developers

For Developers

Coming Soon : data science programming resources.

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Coming Soon : data structuring, statistical analysis, test and control

Decision Makers

Decision Makers

Coming soon : Worksheet on valuing risk
Effective Approaches to Sales Force Sizing


Analytics software products for sales and marketing operations analytics

Program performance and ROI analysis
Program performance and ROI analysis
Data structuring
Data structuring

Consulting services: expand your analytics team with healthcare and life sciences expertise

Program performance
Program performance
Customer segmentation
Customer segmentation
Sales Force Sizing
Sales Force Sizing

Our Team

Our Team

Edmund Cape

Edmund is a creative and knowledgeable healthcare executive with over 15 years of achievement working with CEOs and executives to make the investment and strategy decisions that ultimately define their company and position in the market. Edmund has spent nearly two decades developing a uniquely broad and comprehensive understanding of the healthcare and life sciences markets. He drives to develop insights that balance intuition with data and analysis to maximize ROI. He is passionate about helping his clients make and see- through the decisions required to lead, to be the best at what they do.

He is known as an innovator in strategy and analytics with a capacity to build relationships and consensus across and between organizations. He has unique and diverse expertise in sales, marketing and investment decision making in healthcare. He delivers the executive and operational support required to institutionalize corporate excellence in analytics. His proudest accomplishments are those where he built an analytical capacity that helped his clients grow their revenues and trust in the market.

Edmund has formal training in clinical research, taught at two medical schools, published in scientific peer-reviewed journals, and written on how process can influence negotiated outcomes using a game theoretical approach. He has worked with countless physicians and medical thoughts leaders to inform “voice of the customer” assignments, due diligence, research and development and the design of an EMR system. He has helped clients build analytical capacity and adopt best practices in measuring financial returns. He has worked across all of the major therapeutic areas: primary care, oncology, rare-disease, ophthalmology, dermatology and rheumatology among others. Edmund has worked with products distributed in the retail, specialty-pharmacy and the “buy and bill” markets. He has the advanced analytic skills required to operationalize a strategic synthesis of information in the fields of finance, clinical, market research and data science. He has both the technical and industry expertise required to process large and diverse data sets to make statistically validated projections and findings more recently attributed to machine learning. He also pioneered the wide-spread use of risk-based contracting in the pharmaceutical non- personal-promotion industry.

Edmund holds a MBA from the Yale School of Management, Post-doctorate fellowship at Harvard Medical School, PhD in Neurology from McGill University and a BSC in Biology and Biochemistry from Queen’s University.

Edmund founded Lucivia, a consulting and software firm to accelerate the ability of clients to operationalize the advanced analytical capabilities that help inform marketing and sales investments. Engagements with Lucivia save clients time and resources through unprecedented automation of workflows and thought leadership required to optimizing investments in marketing and sales.


Areas of expertise

  • Decision science and the economics of decisions
  • Building sales, marketing and analytical organizational capacity both onshore and offshore
  • Segmentation, financial forecasting, valuation, pricing, and sales force sizing
  • ROI performance measurement, response modeling and promotional mix analysis Primary research with physician customers – clinically informed due diligence


Technology skills

  • Relational databases (sql)
  • Statistics and modeling (R, SPSS, SAS)
  • Data processing (Perl, regex)
  • General programming (JavaScript, C)
  • Functional and mathematical-based programming (Haskell)

Trevor Basinger

Trevor is a data scientist with a background in software development. He enjoys statistical analysis and solving hard analytical problems. Trevor can take a data product through all phases of development: exploration and discovery, building data pipelines and putting models into production. He is now working with multivariate time series data for use in machine learning. Trevor enjoys teaching, leading by example and always elevating the standard through continued learning.

Adam Booth

Adam has over 10 years of software product development experience building advanced analytical applications. His experience of translating ideas to a productive workflow and an intuitive user experience makes him a valuable asset to the firm. Adam often has several software experiments in the works that has included home automation and the use of machine learning in innovative ways to solve complex problems. He prides himself in his attention to detail and making software that is a joy to use. Adam joined the team to be a driving force behind our software production efforts.

Work with Lucivia

insights • decisions • performance

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